This is a 895m2 garden-style section, but seems larger because it has a 28-metre roadside boundary. Best of all the western boundary at the top borders the Te Toki Reserve.
As August begins the Vendor has noticed all the new fully built “relocatable” houses that are moving to the island and is presently in consultations to determine the site is suitable and has been down to the factory to review a suitable design. If this suits your needs contact us directly as this improves the opportunity to get a new build going fast and cost effectively. This site has already had a Septic Report done in 2016 which then informed it would be suitable for 3 bedrooms. Plenty of width to bring a driveway up from the street to a house sitting high and proud, like next door.
Build without the worries of “Daylight Control” restrictions and then sit back and enjoy your morning or evening beverage only a few dozen metres away on a park bench and savour the tranquility and distant sea views while you plan your day, which could include a walk or a swim at Palm Beach which for many is just a good hike away-or catch the bus going by and you will be there in minutes.