Eden Terrace begins commercially and ends peacefully some 450m from the Z Service Station. Located at the end of the road are two adjacent easy gradient sections that are now being released for development after dropping many pines and depositing a right of way easement that ensures easy access to the second section.
No 21 from the road is nearly 70m deep and features a 1 in 6 gradient across the build site, though in the case of this larger 1143m2 land ,the build site is up above and accessible via the new legal right of way over No 19’s boundary area. On offer are easy workable sections offering ideal combination of both garden and bush areas with nice western sun exposure.
At 982m2 No 19 is half cleared and likewise offers an easy 1 in 6 gradient making it equally suited for a relocatable factory built house or an uncomplicated local build.
Not identical by any means but Listed at $400,000 each. That’s two titles and $400,000 for either one. Few around at this easy gradient with good sun, walkable to Onetangi Beach and offering true garden settings when completed.
Be first and choose the one right for you.